Home Office Art: Turn your Home Into an Office with Art

The coronavirus lockdown has forced many to work from home. Getting used to your new environment might require time and adjustments. Luckily, careful selection of art pieces can make your home look more professional. According to a survey conducted by YouGov and Affordable Art Fair among British employees’, art is considered to be the most effective productivity booster, (ahead of sleep pods, beanbags and, ping pong tables).

A third of respondents said that artworks in the workplace can improve productivity, while almost a fifth of employees believe that office art can help stimulate creativity and problem-solving abilities. Now that we know which positive effects home office art can have on your work, here are a few tips on how to use art to turn your house into a productive and inspiring working environment.


John Currin's artwork in home office interior

John Currin’s "Young Woman on a Lounger", image via @larrys_list

Abstract Art

What do abstract art and work have in common? As neuroscientist Eric Kandel noticed, abstract art and work both have the tendency of reducing the problem to its simplest elements. In work, separating one major task into several smaller tasks is important, because it helps you easily tackle large assignments. In abstract art reducing, the artwork into basic elements, (color, brushstroke, line…) helps the piece connect more with viewers and evoke emotional responses easier. A bold abstract pattern can completely transform the space while looking at calming abstract pieces can provide some much-needed rest for your eyes and your mind.



Studies have proven that contact with nature has a substantial influence on relaxation and stress reduction. Looking at natural scenery can have the same effect. According to studies, looking at natural elements has a positive influence on nervous activities and causes more relaxed body responses. If you are not a fan of landscapes, you can achieve the same effect with botanical prints or still life imagery.

For extra relaxation add some real flowers or house plants to your home office. Choosing a different colored bouquet every week, will not only help you make your office space lively and fresh, but it will also help you discover how you react to different colors - which one makes you happy, serene, and which one just doesn’t work for you.


Wall art piece in home office interior

Steven Parrino's wall art piece via @outsighter_

Add More than Just Wall Art

Remember how most major office buildings have a giant sculpture in their hallway? Adding a 14-feet tall sculpture, into your home office might be unrealistic, but that doesn’t mean that you should reject sculptures as an idea in totality. A large sculpture in the corner can evoke the feelings of durability and sturdiness, which will inspire you to tackle your next assignment. Smaller sculptures scattered around your table or shelves, on the other hand, can make the space more stimulating and invigorating.


Minimal Design

Or do the opposite. If having all these sculptures, landscapes and plants proves to be too distracting, bare your walls with just one or a few minimalistic artworks. There are plenty of simple sketches, graphics, and prints that can help you create a striking and productive working environment. Choose simple yet effect art pieces, like monochrome paintings, simple ink paintings, and charcoal drawings that will embellish the space without disrupting your concentration.


Select Simple Art for a Small Corner Office

A few simply framed art prints can make even a small corner office in your bedroom and living room feel inspirational and fun. A neatly curated wall hang can help give your corner a professional feel. This particularly goes if your room is otherwise deprived of art. Adding art into your corner office can brand it as your working environment and separate it from other parts of the apartment.


Oscar Niemeyer artwork in office space

Oscar Niemeyer via @artxbazaar

Mind the Color Palette

The color palette should help you create a calming, productive working environment as well. A soothing color palette will reduce stress and make you more comfortable in your new office. Different hues have a different effect on the human brain.

Yellow evokes feelings of cheerfulness which can stimulate creativity, while red is associated with concentration, and can make you alert. Green evokes the feeling of inner stability, while blue makes you calmer. However, you can’t pick the color palette of art, without taking into consideration the colors of the wall and other parts of the interior. Ensure that art complements the rest of your home décor to avoid a distracting effect. Avoid intense or high-contrast color arrangements as they can strain your eyes.


Creating an Inspired Working Space

Little things like adding art and plants into your office can make a big difference. That’s why, this is the perfect time to consider embellishing your bare walls with art and plants that will make you feel peaceful, more creative, and more focused. Regardless of whether you’re working permanently from a home office, or just during the coronavirus pandemic, these art pieces will help you make a highly inspiring, productive working environment at your home.


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