How to Decorate with Sculptures

Many people struggle to incorporate sculptures into their interior design projects. Even professionals sometimes see sculptures as big, bulky objects that occupy too much space and often opt for more convenient two-dimensional pieces. Adding sculptures to a living area can be particularly difficult in modern, tiny apartments, where every inch counts.

However, there are sculptures for all spaces and sizes. You don’t have to put a monumental 10-feet tall sculpture by your front door to wow friends and family. You can always pick a charming, smaller piece that can be easily incorporated into any room, no matter how big or small. In this blog post, we’ll show you why you shouldn’t be intimidated by sculptures. Instead, use them wisely to add depth and character to your space.


By Ai Nuredini via Unsplash

Fill Awkward Spaces

Architects don’t always think about interior design when they work, which is why they often leave areas that are difficult to decorate. For example, empty space under a staircase, behind doors or awkward corners. Fixing these spaces can be challenging, as they are small, shallow and inconvenient. That’s where sculptures come in! Sculptures of appropriate size and style can be used to fix these design flows and awkward spaces, and make them look stylish and deliberate.


Sculptures as a Focal Point of a Room

The focal point sets the tone for all other elements of the design. It is that eye-catching piece that immediately draws the attention of the observer. Big and steady marble art pieces in the lobby will easily capture everyone's attention. And if you want to make a smaller sculpture stand out, consider investing in a pedestal, which will give your piece a professional display.

Sometimes the focal point is a part of the architectural design, for example, a massive window or a fireplace. When that’s the case, you can use sculptures to further emphasize this focal point, for example, by placing pieces above or around the fireplace, next to a window, etc. The light coming through the window or emanating from the fire can serve as a great source of natural lighting, and make the pieces even more striking. Alternatively, you can use standalone lamps and led lights to make your sculpture really pop.


Think Small

Most of us don’t live in giant mansions with many open spaces fit for a massive sculpture. But we all have an empty shelf or two, perfect for original small-scale works. 5" to 12" tall sculptures are a great choice for open shelves and coffee tables. Nesting among other items, (lamps, clocks, books, etc.), small sculptures can provide a laidback, bohemian quality. Place a small sculpture under a lamp on your bedroom table, and allow the light to enhance its beauty. Choose a waterproof sculpture for your bathroom sink or place a particularly inspiring piece on your office table. The possibilities are endless.  


by Ann Di via Unsplash

Achieve a Classic Atmosphere

Porcelain has the tendency of looking fragile and smooth. Porcelain figurines, inspired by antique sculptures, can bring your space a classic feel. Placing female figures or busts in your bedroom or living room will provide a feminine touch, while warrior figures and depictions of sports, will bring drama to your home. Additionally, porcelain sculptures are a great way to achieve a notion of luxury, without spending too much money.


Use Sculptures to Attract Happiness

Every culture has symbols that are believed to attract good fortune. In some cultures, it’s a four-leaf clover, in others, depictions of animals. For example, elephants with upward-facing trunks are considered the bearers of good luck. Locate them facing the front door, to attract positive energy into your life. Also, you can use statues made of different materials, to activate various feng shui elements. Activate the metal element with metal sculptures, or use stone and terracotta sculptures, to symbolize earth. To learn more about the 5 elements, and how they influence the energy of a space, read this article dedicated to feng shui.


Add Playfulness to Your Pace

Sculptures of animals or cartoon characters can add a playful note to your interior. Simultaneously classy and humorous, depictions of lovable animals can bring happiness and entice the feeling of nostalgia. Keep them in your living room as a conversation starter. Put them close to the entrance door to welcome guests, or place them into your children's room. Colourful, playful portrayals of pets, wild and domestic animals, will brighten up your day without overwhelming the place.


By Tuva Mathilde Løand via Unsplash

Decorate the Outdoors

If you have a garden, patio or even just a balcony, you can always put your sculptures outside. There are many sculptures capable of sustaining hot and cold weather, particularly those made from stone, marble, metal… Several carefully arranged sculptures can do wonders for your exterior.

If placed near a glass door or a window, these sculptures can embellish your view every day. Some sculptures even require a natural environment to achieve their full potential. If you have a lawn, you can put bronze or metal sculptures directly on the grass, and observe how they stand out, in all that green.


Upgrade Your Home with Sculpture

Sculptures are no longer reserved for museums and wealthy collectors. Nowadays anyone can have a unique work of art in his or her home. Sculptures come in all sizes and styles, from classical antique-inspired to modern, realistic, abstract or minimalist pieces. Their versatility makes them easily blend into any interior design project. Sculptures in interior design, help add personality and elegance to any space. So, if you haven’t already, now is the time to give sculptures a chance to uplift your home and turn it to life.

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