Investing in Emerging Contemporary Artists: You Should Be Doing It

Not only is buying modern contemporary art a vital step in enabling future generations of creators, but it also makes art collection universally enjoyable.

Investment Does Not Have to Mean Millions

Investing in Emerging Contemporary Artists: You Should Be Doing It


The world of art investment has, for most of us, a certain shroud of mystery around it. Art investors are these otherworldly beings with billions of dollars in the bank, jet-setting around the globe in search of the hidden Van Goghs, after all. It’s a world apart from normality for the 99.9% - or at least that’s what many of us wrongly believe.

Art collection is most definitely not a habit exclusive to the wealthy. Nowhere is that more evident than in the modern, contemporary art market. While the headlines are made by the $250 million Cézanne’s of this world, there are millions of artists across the world whose work costs as little as a few hundred dollars.

We’re not talking about back-of-the-van knockoffs either – these are truly gifted, largely undiscovered artists whose work is the product of limitless passion and prodigious skill.

How to Locate Emerging Artists and their Work?

As with many questions these days, an obvious answer lies with Google and the internet. Creating a free website has never been easier, so many artists attempt to spread their name this way – refined Google searches will certainly help you find some.

Online galleries such as Art Acacia provide a platform for developing artists and can connect you to their work. The benefit of buying through an art gallery is that it’s probably the most effective way to discover new, legitimate contemporary artists.

That’s how to find an artist. The best way to truly discover the art itself could be by visiting their studio. Whether it’s a leaking shed, a penthouse apartment or just the spare room in their house, seeing art in its natural habitat gives you a different perspective of the work.

As award-winning artist Hilary Harkness put it, being in an artist’s studio allows you to “discover their work in a dynamic way”; to gain an understanding of the work which you cannot derive from a gallery.

Emerging and Average are not Synonyms

Investing in Emerging Contemporary Artists: You Should Be Doing It


The thought might have crossed your mind: if their work isn’t expensive and they’re virtually unknown, then the work can’t be that good. Given the astronomical posthumous success of hitherto unknown artists in the past, this seems unlikely.

There are artists the world over who are currently producing work that, if portrayed under another name, would be considered masterpieces. As a prospective investor, you’re probably in one of two groups:

  • Either you want to buy art which will appreciate over time, or
  • You’re looking for beautiful art to fill a certain in your home, work or heart.

You might be a bit of both, but it doesn’t really matter. Artwork from emerging talents can be just as good as fine works by celebrated masters, just without the title. Whether your motivations for collection are financial or emotional, you can’t really go wrong.


Why Should We Do This? - For the Children!

Okay, not exactly, but it is true that if we don’t invest in lesser-known talent now, then we won’t have much spread of contemporary art in the future. These artists who could be up-and-coming will never have their work shared and the world will miss out.

Remember that no one is suggesting you to selflessly donate your money to a cause (however I’m sure they’d appreciate that), but asking you to broaden your horizons and try finding gorgeous, impressionable and contemporary artwork from emerging, lower-profile artists. The benefits to you are inexpensive original artwork and (possible) potential for resale, and the artist benefits by having enough money and motivation to keep creating.

Investment in emerging artists is a necessary step as we look towards the future of contemporary art. If a world void of original art holds no interest for you, or you simply want to locate inexpensive, original works, then consider casting your net among emerging talents.


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