Art Therapy: How Art Can Heal?

Art Therapy: How Art Can Heal?
For centuries people used art as a way to express their feelings and improve their well-being. From a very young age, we instinctively use drawi...

Art and the Human Brain: Crossed-Wires and Bright Lights

Art and the Human Brain: Crossed-Wires and Bright Lights
It is theorized that the very earliest cave paintings, etched into stone walls by ancient shamans using rough charcoal and iron-rich ochre, were meant to symbolise visions or dreams. The link between the human psyche and art is profoundly complex and little-understood, but modern technology is beginning to cast a faint ray of light on what happens when we experience art.

Why Do We, Humans, Create Art?

Reasons humans create art - Art Acacia Gallery & Advisory
It’s a curious thing. Human beings have advanced incredibly in the past few thousand years. Our technology allowed us to conquer the entire wor...

Abstract Art and the Brain: Why Do We Care About It?

Abstract Art Psychology - Art Acacia Gallery & Advisory
Unlike any other forms of art, the abstract genre has an unerring ability to make us feel uncomfortable. Or confused. Or… in love? It is somethi...

Why People Buy Art: Five Personalities of Art Collectors

Art collectors - Art Acacia Gallery & Advisory
If there’s one thing that every piece of art has in common, it’s that no two pairs of eyes ever view them the same way. And that’s exciting. It...