Abstract Art Collage

Abstract Art Collage - Abstract Expressionists' collages emphasizing color, composition, and emotion. Through simplified silhouettes, blocks of colors, and free-floating, painted lines, artists add layers of dimensionality to their already-famous aesthetic. Artists often use collage as a modern approach to making art. Original abstract paintings, paint and paper collages are now at Art Acacia Gallery.
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Landscape 94 Mixed-media Marilina Marchica
Landscape 94
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Reminder to Breathe Mixed-media Rebecca Stern
Reminder to Breathe
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Inevitable Overflow II Mixed-media Rebecca Stern
Inevitable Overflow II
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Holding Pattern Mixed-media Rebecca Stern
Holding Pattern
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Paper Landscape 10 Mixed-media Marilina Marchica
Paper Landscape 10
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Tamarack Mixed-media Antoine Puisais
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Two Tone Car Mixed-media Antoine Puisais
Two Tone Car
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Seasonal Mixed-media Antoine Puisais
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Blue Grey Blue Mixed-media Antoine Puisais
Blue Grey Blue
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Paper Landscape 6 Mixed-media Marilina Marchica
Paper Landscape 6
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Paper Landscape 5 Mixed-media Marilina Marchica
Paper Landscape 5
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Paper Landscape 4 Mixed-media Marilina Marchica
Paper Landscape 4
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