Abstract Art Faces

Abstract Art Faces - Abstract portraits exist in the world between high representation and high symbolism. The two phenomena which best describe the nature of abstract portraits are the following - the ability to see faces everywhere known as pareidolia and the ability to imprint values and emotions onto a person’s face known as empathy. Order abstract female face art paintings online at Art Acacia Gallery.
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La Complexité III Painting Hildegarde Handsaeme
La Complexité III
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Female Blues Acrylic Hildegarde Handsaeme
Female Blues
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The Hidden Moment Painting Alfred Krupa
The Hidden Moment
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Le Philosophe Painting Hildegarde Handsaeme
Le Philosophe
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Four Shades of Grey Painting Hildegarde Handsaeme
Four Shades of Grey
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Composition Musicale Acrylic Hildegarde Handsaeme
Composition Musicale
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Epiphany Mixed-media Olayanju Dada
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Congress of Demagogues Mixed-media Olayanju Dada
Congress of Demagogues
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Luminous 429 Painting Sergey Morshch
Luminous 429
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Luminous 533 Painting Sergey Morshch
Luminous 533
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A True Leader by Yuriy Zakordonets, Painting at Art Acacia Gallery & Advisory
A True Leader
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Arcadia Beach by Yuriy Zakordonets, Painting at Art Acacia Gallery & Advisory
Arcadia Beach
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