Alexander Befelein

In his limited edition prints and etchings, Alexander Befelein portrays his unique understanding of buildings, architecture and quarters, that have impressed him on his various trips through many countries.

Befelein was born in Bremen, Germany in 1952 but spent his youth in Nuremberg. In 1971 he moved to Munich to study fine art and has lived there ever since. In 1977 he traveled to Italy, England, and Yugoslavia to continue his studies. Alexander received his degree from the University of Munich in 1981 and then began his career as an artist and a teacher.

During the early 80’s he took short trips to Vienna, Venice, and the south of Tyrol, filling many sketchbooks with renderings of well-known sites in each city. Subsequent trips to Switzerland, Venice, and Vienna inspired Befelein to experiment with the medium of watercolor, which he quickly mastered. However, he remains best known for his subtle etchings of the cities he has visited, capturing in a few delicate lines the essence of each place. He creates his distinctive and expressive art pieces performing with extraordinary attention to detail and selective coloring.

Since the beginning of his career, Befelein has regularly exhibited in numerous galleries in Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Japan, and the United States. His works are recognized throughout the world and have been received with much enthusiasm.


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