Asian Art

A curated selection of Asian art at Art Acacia Gallery & Advisory. Paintings, limited edition prints & creative drawings from upcoming artists.
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The Japanese Girl Painting Alfred Krupa
The Japanese Girl
Regular price $3,300.00
While Fixing Hair Painting Alfred Krupa
While Fixing Hair
Regular price $1,800.00
The Hidden Moment Painting Alfred Krupa
The Hidden Moment
Regular price $2,800.00
Plunge Painting Alfred Krupa
Regular price $2,300.00
One Morning at the River Painting Alfred Krupa
One Morning at the River
Regular price $2,800.00
Moon and Earthquake Painting Alfred Krupa
Moon and Earthquake
Regular price $2,300.00
Married Couple Painting Alfred Krupa
Married Couple
Regular price $2,300.00
Debris Painting Liu Zijian
Regular price $10,500.00
Evening Wind I Painting Liu Zijian
Evening Wind I
Regular price $30,100.00
Evening Wind II Painting Liu Zijian
Evening Wind II
Regular price $30,100.00
Floating Landscape Painting Liu Zijian
Floating Landscape
Regular price $9,950.00
The Shimmering Moon I Painting Liu Zijian
The Shimmering Moon I
Regular price $14,500.00