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Celebrate Every Day

By: Bernard Simunovic

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'Celebrate Every Day' by Bernard Simunovic

Year: 2018

Dimensions: 155 x 70 cm (61 x 27.6")

Medium: acrylic on canvas

'Celebrate Every Day' by Bernard Simunovic - a wonderful acrylic painting that is, typically for the artist, on the edge between abstraction and figuration. Colorful shapes and patterns together with elegant curvy lines develop stunning compositions. We can see a celebration of a new-born: his parents, family, and friends having dinner at the table full of food. At a glance, it seems like all elements of the work are accidental, chaotic, careless, but it can't be furthest from the truth: everything is in balance and in harmony here.

Modern artwork mounted on stretchers (0.9″ depth). It is an original unique art piece that is in excellent condition (new). It is shipped directly from the artist's studio in Germany along with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated by the artist. You will receive the painting ready to be placed on the wall so you can enjoy it in your own interior right away.