Gillie & Marc

Gillie and Marc are critically-acclaimed contemporary artists (and husband-and-wife) who have spent the last three decades dazzling the world with their incredible, rule-bending, interactive bronze statues. During their career, they have collaborated to create art as one, sometimes by working on the same canvas. Gillie and Marc are seasoned experts at using bronze, having worked with it for decades. The artists have dozens of popular and beloved bronze sculptures permanently installed all over Australia that are constantly touched, climbed on and photographed. Many of their smaller sculptures are adaptations of these large public artworks. The artists have also added colorful patinas to certain bronze sculptures. These patinas are an elegant and unique finish that makes for an attractive statement piece.

Artists’ coveted public artworks can be found all over the world including major cities such as Shanghai, New York and Sydney. Their photographs, prints, paintings and sculptures are held in major collections all over the world. They’ve been called the most dynamic and innovative artists of their time who continue to change the face of both private and public art around the world. And most beautiful of all is that they welcome everyone to join them on this remarkable and groundbreaking journey into the unknown...

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