Irena Chrul

Irena Chrul is a committed international artist, known for her Avant-guard abstract acrylic paintings and her role as an ambassador for the post-modern movement, hyperrealism. From Berlin to Rome, from New York to Montreal, the spectrum of her talent has grown steadily over 30 years.

Inspired by her long studies of classical painting and graphics, Irena's creative practice illustrates an impressive diversity of multi-media production. Irena Chrul achieves a synthesis between conceptual thinking applied to pictorial art and her extraordinary gift for the diversity of techniques. Her work is so unique because her message is profound.

'I do not paint someone or something, but a trace of it - imprint, reflection - "shadow on the wall of the cave". Fac-similé mythos are archetypes of human condition that have been recurring from immemorial times. Images of figures and things from our "here and now" are not a testimony of time, but rather a commentary on the idea that the need for a self-portrait never leaves us.

I do not portray to understand anything. I just want to capture emotions, impressions, epiphanies. To record the quanta of experiences: desires, shame and guilt, pride and melancholy, fear and seduction. I believe that all these diffuse sensations - fleeting and amorphous - can, however, be captured and then presented in a synthetic approach.

I do not want to sketch maps, I want to touch the territory.

Human figures frozen in space sometimes look as if they had escaped from some real place or landscape. Despite this detachment or abstraction from the common environment, they do not stop living, they only live in a more internalized way. So you can make a "local vision" of their temporal drama.

The series "Hommage à ..." are variants of one and the same landscape above which - in my intention - the smell of white roses hovers. "


Interview with the artist [Polish]

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