Janet Hagopian

Janet Hagopian was born in Iran in 1967. She received her Arts Degree at Yerevan State Institute (Armenia). Later, the artist moved to Lebanon, where she lives and works at the moment.

This experience, of being caught in three cultures, not too different, but not the same either, dominates artist's abstract oil paintings. Each of her pieces offers a glimpse into social and religious realities that shaped artist's identity — and the identities of many Armenian women, who live in the Middle East full of its own problems and wonders.

In her work, Janet Hagopian pays great attention to the structure of forms, shapes, and colors, which create the inhabitable space that starts to resemble a story and a life experience, behind its composition.

The artist is using specific objects and shapes to enable viewers to detach themselves from the notion of normality and to question their reason for existence. These beautiful shapes symbolize an idea of isolation when settled in this adequate position.

'Each piece is composed of various layers and conveys the concept of the painting. My imagination explores and displays shape variations in order to communicate a strong composition. Painting these shapes may be challenging, but has the advantage of allowing the viewer to observe without feeling restricted or constrained.'


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