Max Serradifalco

Max Serradifalco is known for his particular talent in seeing the real natural works of art between the Earth forms. His career began in 2011 when the passion for nature and experimentation led him to design the “Web Landscape Photography”, for which he traveled to virtually all corners of our planet in search of a new way to observe and reinterpret the natural landscapes of the Earth. He was the first landscape photographer to score reports by using satellite maps, through the web. Through his images, we experience a sort of telepresence, which Lev Manovich defines as the means “not of creating a new object, but of approaching it, of forming relationships, of observing what happens in a faraway place…”. Faraway places which Max Serradifalco – although he had observed them through the computer screen and photographed them through satellite – decided not to defile by using further digital means. He has kept the integrity of these places in their purity and magnificent uniqueness. A work has, therefore, a great revolutionary aesthetic impact, an art that eliminates every space and time boundary.

Awarded at IPA in 2012, Max was invited by the CNR to participate in the “Researchers’ Night” with an exhibition at the Botanical Garden of Palermo. His personal exhibition was a part of the film festival in Italy (Giffoni, Venice, Rome, Taormina) in 2014. His works were recognized as the best aerial photography projects by Adobe and published in the book ‘The Book of Behance. Creative Works’ (Ed. Gestalten, Berlin 2015). He has exhibited at the Italian first media art festival at the Capitoline Museums in Rome in 2015. During that year Max was selected to exhibit at the MIA (Milan Image Art Fair) and awarded at MIFA (Moscow International Photo Awards) with a third place in the category ‘Aerial: Landscape’. Later, Max’s personal exhibition was organized by the Foundation of Exclusive Design in Rome in 2016.


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