Mwamba Chikwemba

Mwamba Chikwemba was born in 1992. She is a painter based in Lusaka, Zambia where she works and represents a Visual artist Centre. 

Mwamba developed an interest in art when she was at high school. However, the path to art industry was not straight: Mwamba graduated with a degree in Public Administration and had to try other jobs first before she realized that she has to dedicate her life to painting.

Although history knows a lot of similar examples, it is remarkable to observe how young female fights for her right to be recognized as a young professional and as an artist in general in a male-dominated society, like Zambia. 

Her challenging story becomes a subject of her art as well: in her creative process, Mwamba focuses on women’s identity in a place where social norms prevail and female roles are strictly defined.  The artist wants her portrait paintings to be seen as a collective image of African women who have power, courage, and wisdom to follow their own goals.  

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