Naomi Yuki

What Naomi demonstrates in her abstract oil painting is the essence of things with an intention to show one's soul. The essence is expressed in an original sphere with original figures. The figures that are seen on canvas could be perceived as a shadow of mankind. It’s showing that we can't stop thinking. As we enjoy observing each artwork, suddenly finding those figures makes our brain active, we start thinking instead of feeling. This is the intention of Naomi's works - she teaches us how to FEEL and then how to THINK.

The artist works at the intersection of genres: abstract and figurative worlds blend in one, which she calls 'Artwarp'. Naomi's inspiration comes from works by Gustave Moreau who once said 'I do not believe what I see or touch but I believe what I can not see or what I feel', this is a reality for the artist as well. During her academic years, Naomi was also inspired by Wassily Kandinsky who believed that 'artists should tell the audience what they want to say through the canvas'. Now, when Naomi works, she always focuses on expressing her vision through shapes and forms translating the essence of things to an audience.

By creating animated, dynamic visual images, Naomi hopes to disprove common sense and make people look for a deeper meaning. 


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