Self-portrait 2 by Sergey Morshch, Painting at Art Acacia Gallery & Advisory

Self-portrait 2

By: Sergey Morshch

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'Self-portrait 2' by Sergey Morshch

Year: 2011

Dimensions: 130 x 180 cm (51.2 x 70.9")

Medium: mixed-media (oil, metal, porcelain, aluminium, glass mirror, malachite, pearl, fluorite, lapis lazuli, jasper on canvas)

I never know in advance what kind of image I will create, nor do I know its composition or color scheme. I do not know "anything". And only in the process, step by step, brushstroke after brushstroke, something is beginning to take a shape. And at the end, the shape gets filled with alive luminous filaments, which [represent] the energy that connects everyone and everything in the Universe.