Vitalii Ledokollov

Vitalii Ledokollov is a Ukrainian photographer producing limited edition prints and working on a subject of domesticity, human identity, and self-exploration.

Home is the place we leave and the place we return to. It is about smells, sounds, and colors, that shape the main part of humans’ lives. People are like lenses that let the light in only to extend, refract and radiate it through the prism of their identities. This light becomes our emotions. Due to it, we fill our homes with different colors. ‘Lenses’ is a story where human roles are played by cans and bottles.

The idea of the collection is that ‘unanimated’ objects can be seen in a humanized and spiritualized way, just as portraits. Every photo has to carry a certain emotional tension that echoes in the viewer’s perception. A still life genre can be seen as a transition from an objective to subjective reality.


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