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Wings of Desire

By: Yuriy Zakordonets

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'Wings of Desire'. From a series 'Ugh, Vova, Vova...' by Yuriy Zakordonets.

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New series of works on socialist realism ‘Ugh, Vova, Vova…’ was developed after a group show displayed in several cities in Ukraine at the beginning of 2017. The exhibition – ‘Mausoleum Renaissance’ – was focused on retrospective view at Soviet time 25 years after Soviet system fell apart. It requested from artists a contemporary perspective on what is known as ‘life behind the iron curtain’.

Despite mixed feelings associated with the socialist era, it is important to provide a space for all views and experiences. Every painting is certainly more than just a recollection of time known for hypocritical and cynical Soviet art serving totalitarian regime, – it is also a personal story, it is a virtual touch to that mystic life in USSR.

Artworks are full of irony (or even a sarcasm) with regards to main ideological cliche and stereotypes of Soviet propaganda and pomposity of officious state entourage. However, even this is not it: all paintings are full of symbols and riddles, which intrigue and complement the overall experience from the past era in intellectual as well as emotional way.

In a new series, the artist used original paintings from socialist time promoted in youth (pioneer) camps, cultural centers, ‘red corners’ and party offices at factories and manufactories.


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