Artist - Alfred Krupa

Alfred (Freddy) Krupa (1971, Yugoslavia) graduated in 1995 at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb. Krupa also studied Art History (non-degree research) at the University of Zagreb (1997,1998) and in 1998/99 as the postgraduate research student (The Monbukagakusho Scholarship (文部科学省奨学金 Monbukagakushō Shōgakukin)) at the Tokyo Gakugei University (東京学芸大学) or Gakudai (学大).

According to the Badan Rynkowych Institute (Warsaw) survey report from 2007, Krupa appears among 70 most wanted currently working/creating artists in the future collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (MSN).

His grandfather and first mentor Alfred Krupa Sr. (Alfred Joseph Kruppa, 1915 - 1989) himself the pupil of Józef Mehoffer (1869 – 1946) was one of the 13 core artists of the Art of Croatian Antifascist Movement.

Krupa is represented with his original works in a number of important collections including Silesian Museum in Katowice (Collection of Post-War Paintings and Drawings) and TATE Britain (Special Library Collection).




'Multidisciplinary artist Alfred Freddy Krupa is considered a pioneering force in the New Ink Art movement, for which he has gained international recognition. He combines the formal and reductive techniques of the East with Western expressionism. In doing so, the artist evokes both delicacy and bold movements across paper. Krupa’s works are part of a number of collections including the Tate Library’s Special Collections'

Aesthetica Magazine, UK (more)

'Alfred Freddy Krupa is considered by many as the western Master of the New Ink Art Movement. His contributions to this movement are well recorded and have helped promote a once isolated style exclusively practiced in the far east, to western culture. Lui Shou-kwan /(1919-1975), credited with founding the New Ink Painting Movement/ and his followers (up to the present times) reinterprets Chinese ink art in the form of Western modernism. Krupa is doing something essentially opposite/different from Shou-kwan and his group, he reinterprets Western modernism in the form of Chinese ink art. This is the essence of the New Ink Art Manifesto by Krupa (1996)'

District Artisan, US

'Always exploring an amalgamation of various styles, as well as weaving different connections between scientific and artistic theories, he creates ink-on-paper works that reflect a minimalist, mathematical approach. Each of Krupa's pieces are spontaneous, raw and direct, achieving a personal and authentic artistic signature.'

Singulart Magazine, France (more)

'Alfred Freddy Krupa is a committed Croatian artist whose works have featured in exhibitions, prizes and publications around the world - including in Croatia, Belgium, Japan, Pakistan and the US.'

Mutual Art, UK (more)

'Freddy had already begun attracting attention from art critics and, with his newly developed style, continued to garner attention while in Japan. His sketches, lightness of drawing and deepening of expression beneath the first impression were unique, while at the same time, he was following the rules of classic painting – order, transparency and legible silhouette. Freddy went on to become the only non-Asian individual to place among the top 10 Modern Ink painters (London/Berlin-based ArtFacts)...'

Life As a Human, Canada (more)

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Group Exhibitions

  • 2019 PRIMER FESTIVAL IWS COSTA RICA ACUARELA TROPICAL/ Centro Cultural e Historico Jose Figueres Ferrer - San Ramon, Costa Rica
  • 2019 39. saziv akvarelističke kolonije 'Sava' (39th Watercolor painters colony Sava)/ City Gallery Slavonski Brod - Slavonski Brod, Croatia
  • 2019 Erotic Art London (EAL)/ Oxo Tower Wharf - London, United Kingdom
  • 2019 EUROPEAN MASTERS OF WATERCOLOR/ Galeria e arteve Vilson Kilica - Fier, Albania
  • 2019 Portrait/ Self-portrait - identity transformations/ European House Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2019 Cat in Croatian Fine Arts from the 19th Century to the Present/ Gallery Prica – Samobor, Croatia
  • 2018 Salon International des Arts Paris-2018/ Galerie de Nesle – Paris, France
  • 2018 'Izložba vinorela povodom 50. Izložbe vina kontinentalne Hrvatske' Museum St. Ivan Zelina - Zelina, Croatia
  • 2018 'Kroz sliku i riječ' - 'Through the image and the word'/ Galerija Sunce – URIHO - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2018 Budapest International Mail Art Exhibition/ Stephanie Palace Exhibition Hall - Budapest, Hungary
  • 2018 38. saziv akvarelističke kolonije 'Sava' (38th Watercolor painters colony Sava)/ City Gallery Slavonski Brod - Slavonski Brod, Croatia
  • 2018 Gojanović - Krupa - Martinović/ Europe House Zagreb - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2018 Erotic Art London/ Copeland Park - London, United Kingdom
  • 2018 Dirty Show/ Russell Industrial Center - Detroit, United States
  • 2018 'Spring International Watercolor Festival 2018', second edition/ FAB Gallery (at the Academy of the Fine Arts ) - Tirana, Albania
  • 2018 'Spring International Watercolor Festival 2018', second edition; second exhibition/ Gallery of Saranda city - Saranda, Albania
  • 2018 High Mountains Flowing Water/ Oregon Society of Artists - Portland, United States
  • 2018 Tropical Watercolor/ Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano San Pedro y Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamerican - San Jose, Costa Rica
  • 2018 Razstava Hrvaskega drustva likovnih umetnikov Zagreb Mitska dimenzija mesta in urbane legende/ Mala galerija EF - Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2018 Iws Pakistan 2Nd International Watecolor Biennale/ Mehran University Gallery - Jamshoro, Pakistan
  • 2018 Nove perspektive 2018/ New Perspectives 2018/ Europe House Zagreb - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2018 'ACUARELA TROPICAL-extension'/ Centro Cultural de la Sabana - San Jose, Costa Rica
  • 2017 Zagrebački ljetni likovni salon 2017. - Zagreb Summer Art Salon 2017/ Gallery
    Vladimir Filakovac - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2017 3rd Petrinja Graphic Salon/ Gallery »Krsto Hegedušić« - Petrinja, Croatia
  • 2017 Mitska dimenzija grada i urbane legende/ Vladimir Filakovac Gallery - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2017 Vizualne komunikacije i kulturni marketing 2017 - Visual Communication and Cultural Marketing 2017/ Gallery SOL - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2017 Sesvetski likovni umjetnici i gosti (Sesvete fine artists and guests/ Prigorje Regional Museum - Sesvete, Croatia
  • 2017 Feria Internacional de Arte de Medellin/ Centro de Convenciones Plaza Mayor de Medellín - Medellin, Colombia
  • 2016 Interkulturalna ART-promocija ZADAR-2016/ National Museum of Zadar - Zadar, Croatia
  • 2016 Galerija remek djela u Centru Cvjetni: Od Bukovca do Dolića/ Centar Cvjetni - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2016 'Creators deserve to be seen'/ Times Square - New York, United States
  • 2016 'Masters of Watercolor-Elite 2015/2016, / Palace of Congresses - Tirana, Albania
  • 2016 Proljetni salon HDLU Zagreb (The Spring Salon of the Croatian Association of Artists- Zagreb) / Galerija Sunce - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2016 1st International Watercolor Biennale 'Pearls of Peace'/ AR Nagory Art Gallery - Jamshoro, Pakistan
  • 2016 1st International Watercolor Festival/ Ubeda Old Town Gallery - Ubeda, Spain
  • 2016 International Watercolor exhibition/ Artscene Gallery - Karachi, Pakistan
  • 2016 'Freedom of Self Expression' - Budapest International Aquarell Festival / Stephanie Palace Exhibition Hall - Budapest, Hungary
  • 2016 Contemporary International Watercolor/ International Art Studio - Valjevo, Serbia
  • 2016 4th International Watercolor Biennal/ A Gallery - Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2016 1st Watercolor Spring Festival-'Taste of Albania'/ National History Museum - Tirana, Albania
  • 2016 Une sélection d’œuvres abstraites et figuratives (By Francis Parent)/ Espace D’Art Contemporain La Vache Noire, Arcueil - Paris, France
  • 2015 'čarolija.stvaranje-magic.creation'/ t.39:gallery - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2015 Exposure-2015, Sky Collection of Photography/ Louvre Museum - Paris, France
  • 2015 'Cest is d'best'- International Street Festival/ Zagreb - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2014 Exhibition of selected artwork from the Collection of 110th Brigade of Croatian Army/ City Museum of Karlovac - Karlovac, Croatia
  • 2014 With One Stroke/ Orange Regional Gallery (ORG) - Orange, NSW, Australia
  • 2013 'Show You Hope' – Balkan Selection, Global Mobile Exhibition (80 Vragen)/
    Inkijkmuseum - Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • 2012 Izložba radova karlovaćkih akademskih slikara (Exhibition of the works of the Karlovac academic painters) / Likovni salon (Art Salon) Ljudevit Šestić - Karlovac, Croatia
  • 2008 Krupa & Krupa/ LIKUM - Gallery Ulrich - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2008 1. Petrinjski salon grafike (1st Petrinja Graphic Salon)/ Gallery 'Krsto Hegedušić' -Petrinja, Croatia
  • 2008 Recentna izložba članova HDLU-a (Recent Exhibition of Members of CAA’s)/ Dom hrvatskih likovnih umjetnika/Croatian Association of Artists - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2008 More, ljudi, obala 2008 (The sea, the people, the coast)/ City Museum Šibenik - Šibenik, Croatia
  • 2007 4th Drava Art Annale/ Gallery Koprivnica - Koprivnica, Croatia
  • 2004 3rd Croatian Watercolor Triennale/ Vjekoslav Karas Gallery, Zvonimir Gallery, Art Gallery of Slavonski Brod - Karlovac, Zagreb, Slavonski Brod, Croatia
  • 2002 Maestral Art Colony Exhibition/ Gallery Space - Split, Croatia
  • 2001 Kunstvolle Kraft - neuer Anfang/ Kulturstiftung der Stadtsparkasse München - Munich, Germany
  • 2000 'Generacija 90.-tih' ('Generation of 90’s')/ Vjekoslav Karas Gallery - Karlovac,
  • 2000 An vier Flüssen/ Stadtsparkasse Munich - Munich, Germany
  • 1998 1. Hrvatski triennale akvarela 1998/ 1st Croatian Watercolor Triennalee/ Vjekoslav Karas Gallery - Karlovac, Zagreb, Slavonski Brod, Croatia
  • 1997 1st Croatian Watercolor Festival - FAH/ Gallery Space/ Muzejski prostor - Split, Croatia
  • 1997 1. Karlovački likovni tabor (1st Karlovac Art Camp)/ Home of the Armed Forces of the Croatian Army „Zrinski' - Karlovac, Croatia
  • 1997 5th World Triennal of Small Ceramics Zagreb (Painter-Silver Donator) / Dom hrvatskih likovnih umjetnika/Croatian Association of Artists - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 1996 Pisanica s razlogom : iz kolekcije Mirka Azinovića / City of Krapina Gallery - Krapina, Croatia
  • 1995 Croatian Painters/ Parktheater Bensheim - Bensheim, Germany
  • 1994 Pisanica s razlogom/ Klovićevi dvori Gallery - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 1993 Alfred F. Krupa & Krešimir Borković/ Zorin Dom - Karlovac, Croatia
  • 1992 Ratni ZILIK 1992/Wartime Winter Art Colony 1992/ ZILIK Gallery - Karlovac, Croatia

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2019 Exhibition of awarded drawings/ Gallery Vjekoslav Karas – Karlovac, Croatia
  • 2018 Colors of the Wind (Boje vjetra)/ Gallery Kraluš - Zelina, Croatia
  • 2017 Alfred Freddy Krupa/ Gallery of Masterpieces - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2017 Alfred Freddy Krupa: Modern ink painting and its application in contemporary fashion design/ Zorin Dom - Karlovac, Croatia
  • 2016 7th Croatian Watercolor Triennale/ Vjekoslav Karas Gallery, Art Gallery of Slavonski Brod - Karlovac, Slavonski Brod, Croatia
  • 2016 European modern ink painting/ Dag Hammarskjöld University College of
    International Relations and Diplomacy - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2016 European modern ink painting / Preporod Gallery - Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • 2015 'Culture and Landscape of Eastern Caucasus'-virtual one man exhibition/ Portal Zagrebački likovni umjetnici/Zagreb Fine Artists - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2012 20 godina javnog predstavljanja/ ZILIK Gallery - Karlovac, Croatia
  • 2011 Izložba slika Krajolici (Exhibition of the landscapes)/ Libraries of the City of Zagreb - Dugave Library Exhibition Space - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2008 ALFRED (FREDDY) KRUPA: izložba crteža i slika (exhibition of drawings and paintings)/ Vjekoslav Karas Gallery - Karlovac, Croatia
  • 2008 Alfred Freddy Krupa/ Gallery Ciraki - Požega, Croatia
  • 2008 Alfred Freddy Krupa/ Galerija Citroen - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2004 One man show of Alfred Freddy Krupa/ SŠDR Gallery Space - Duga Resa, Croatia
  • 2003 Samostalna izložba Alfred Krupa (Freddy) - One man show Alfred Krupa (Freddy)/ Youth Library Gallery Space - Karlovac, Croatia
  • 1998 Alfred Freddy Krupa Paintings & Drawings/ Home of the Armed Forces of the Croatian Army „Zrinski“ - Karlovac, Croatia
  • 1998 One man show of Alfred Freddy Krupa/ The Gallery Zrinski of the Croatian Army - Karlovac, Croatia
  • 1997 Drawings and Watercolors/ Zorin Dom - Karlovac, Croatia
  • 1996 Alfred Freddy Krupa Paintings & Drawings/ Gallery Šalom/Croatian-Israeli Society - Zagreb, Croatia
  • 1995 Portrait and Nude 1992-1995/ Zorin Dom - Karlovac, Croatia
  • 1994 Drawings of Alfred F. Krupa/ Gallery of the Ozalj Castle (Regional Museum) - Ozalj, Croatia
  • 1992 One man show of Alfred Freddy Krupa/ Zorin Dom - Karlovac, Croatia
  • 1990 Alfred Freddy Krupa Drawings/ Gradska straža - Karlovac, Croatia