Benefits for Businesses


Gallery Discounts

We love working with business clients and look for long-term partnerships. Contact us directly if you are a business and want to buy a piece from our gallery and get 10% off any item.

Referral Projects

Whether you are a business or an individual, referring a project to us brings you 5% of the final art purchase (contact us for more details).

More Benefits

Partnering with an art advisor has several advantages:

  • Educate you about the contemporary art market
  • Bring you new styles, subjects and ideas straight from art fairs and recent shows
  • Professionally advise you on art quality and price - your art will retain value over time
  • Save time - by managing art acquisitions, logistics and other operational tasks
  • Get you discounts (lots of discounts). We pass all trade discounts we get from galleries and artists’ studios to you, minimizing the costs of our services (sometimes to zero). There are no hidden fees: just a small commission on purchased art