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How do I know if the art piece is original?

Identifying an art origin can be a big challenge if you are buying a piece from the artist who is not alive. In this case, a thorough research would be necessary to establish artwork's origin and provenance.

However, authenticity is not a problem when buying artworks from living artists. Art Acacia will deliver your order from the artist’s studio directly to your door. The artist wraps up his/ her artwork and signs the Certificate of Authenticity which serves as the main document proving art's origin.


What if the art looks different than on the photo?

We take several steps to ensure that you receive exactly what you expected:

  1. Selecting a piece, you can always request more photos from the gallery. Please, ask us for a close-up views, images with a different perspective and in-situ photos.
  2. We are open about all conditions of each artwork. Since all works remain in the artist's studio, they get teh best care in terms of storage and preservation. We are happy to share more details on conditions of the work, when it was made, how many times it was exhibited and where. This information should give you a good understanding on how much artwork was transported, exposed to direct light etc.
  3. We also offer a Return Policy and are happy to take the piece back and refund you if the work does not satisfy your expectations.


How can I be sure about the size of the artwork?

Each artwork in our gallery is well described and provides a clear set of dimensions in centimeters and in inches. Carefully measure your interior considering additional wall space you want to leave around the piece. Also, double-check if the artwork comes mounted on stretchers, already framed or if it requires additional framing after delivery.

Try a new app – iArtView which will virtually place any art from our gallery to a photo of your own wall. The art will be scaled to your room dimensions and will allow you to play with light, perspective and height.


Can I be sure the price is right?

Usually there are several ways to check art prices:

  1. Talk to the gallery about the price and ask more details to understand pricing process better, including dimensions of the artwork, medium, technique, taxes, shipment costs, customs fees etc.
  2. Research the artist: how long he/ she has been creating? how many exhibitions have they made? do they sell locally or internationally? how many pieces have they sold?.. Those are all valid question to understand how recognized the artist is and validate the price point.

We are very happy to talk to you about each artist and discuss what constitutes the price of each work.


Should I always visit a 'brick and mortar' gallery to buy a piece?

Every gallery is in the business to facilitate the process of purchasing the art. It is easier and more enjoyable to acquire a new piece with a help of an agent. Whether you use a gallery few blocks away or try an online purchase – at the end it is about a trust and how much fun you have in the process. Art Acacia is excited to help you as every artist we represent moves us! If you feel inspired by artworks we display – chances are that we will make a good team!


How can I be sure that the gallery is trustworthy?

Picking the gallery you want to purchase from is a big task. In the art world relationship formed between galleries and art buyers can last for a long time. There are many solid art businesses offering a variety of services. A research on what gallery offers and how it works will help to decide. Follow gallery’s social media, explore its partners or list of clients, read reviews if available – those are just a few ways to learn about the business more.


Do you have a different question in mind? Let us know!