Interior Designers & Architects


Every design project has a unique background, addresses specific needs and creates a personal story of the place. We work across industries to help our interior designers and architects find site-specific artworks, which will enhance the qualities of the location and extend the personality of the owner or brand.

We look for art that stands out, inspires, reflects on business values or enriches customer experience and turns any project into a legend. The right art piece is never just a decor element – it is a signature style.

Art Acacia works with a number of highly-talented artists on a regular basis and their works can be purchased on our website. However, when you request a consultation, you give us a chance to understand your goals better and source art from a much wider network of galleries and art professionals around the world.



Art Sourcing

Based on an initial discussion and a project scope, we prepare a proposal with various art options, a mood board as well as ideas for potential display. We take pride in the thorough analysis we make to come up with a solution.

Purple rain by Yuriy Zakordonets in interior
Woman looking at minimalist white art relief


We source artworks locally and internationally and offer our clients full service: art acquisition, pricing analysis, insurance, transportation and installation, advice on conservation strategies and lighting, art management tools, etc.

Rent Artworks

We partner with galleries and secure special agreements when renting art pieces is a more practical solution (i.e. property photography, marketing purposes, rotation of art pieces in a hotel or an office, etc).

Abstract landscape by Marilina Marchica



Join Forces with our Art Advisors and Enjoy:


  • Exposure to new galleries and artists you have never worked with before - we bring the latest contemporary art ideas, styles and concepts to your designs
  • More time to work on your design while art acquisition, shipping, installation and other operations are managed by us



  • Professional advice on art quality and price - your art purchase will retain value for your clients over time
  • We pass all trade discounts from galleries and artists’ studios to you, thus minimizing the costs of our services - learn more about our Trade Program. There are no hidden fees: just a small commission for purchased artworks.