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City Guard, San Francisco

By: Max Serradifalco

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'City guard, San Francisco' by Max Serradifalco

Year: 2013

Size: 116 x 116 cm (45.7 x 45.7”)

Medium photography

The passion for nature and experimentation led this Italian emerging artist to design the “Web Landscape Photography” series. He virtually traveled around our planet Earth in search of a new way to observe and reinterpret its nature and landscapes. He was the first aerial landscape photographer to develop art based on satellite maps.

The print is produced using a giclée process on Hahnemühle paper museum. Applied to a panel Dibond 3 mm with 8 cm of Passepartout on each side. Final work has a cassette frame in white wood. The image is ready to be hung on the wall right away.

Limited edition of 9 photo prints.