Hauser am Fleet Print Alexander Befelein

Hauser am Fleet

By: Alexander Befelein

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'Hauser am Fleet' Limited Edition Print by Alexander Befelein

Year: 1985

Dimensions: 5 x 6.5"​ - image size

                    11.5 x 15.5"​) - paper size

Medium: print (etching) on paper

Style: figurative

Subject: cityscape

Conditions: new artwork

Shipping: this limited edition print will be shipped to your address for free and will require framing.

Certificate of Authenticity: you will receive the COA (certificate of authenticity) signed and dated by the artist to prove that the artwork is original.

'It usually starts with the drawing: a play of lines, sometimes strong and raw, but usually sensitive, delicate and feather-light, exploring the theme with my hand. Once the theme looks sufficiently interesting on paper, I use a fine pencil to form focal points, areas displaying a concentrated attention to detail yet still playful and detached from the initial object.

Then comes the colour. Brilliant orange-red, Indian yellow or radiant blue strengthen and accentuate these focal points, then they fade into delicate grey and ochre tones and disappear into nothing. Areas left white provide counterpoints. The atmosphere begins to detach itself from the drawing and creates its own symphony.

What makes the composition so exciting is a virtuoso play with contrasts: light/ dark – warm/ cold - big/ small – intensified/ hinted at – detailed/ informal – line/ colour – sensitive/vigorous and so on. In addition to this I love to play with perspective, sometimes I add detail almost in the manner of a collage, I ignore topographical realities for the benefit oft the overall effect, liven up edges and backgrounds with intuitive ciphers, symbols and splashes and reinforce the sketchy character by inserting what look like construction lines, letters, numbers or remarks in casual handwriting. A typical element of my style is to leave parts of the picture as a drawing, so that coloured areas appear even more brilliant, and vice versa' - A. Befelein


In his limited edition prints and etchings, Alexander Befelein portrays his unique understanding of buildings, architecture and quarters, that have impressed him on his various trips through many countries.

Befelein was born in Bremen, Germany in 1952 but spent his youth in Nuremberg. In 1971 he moved to Munich to study fine art and has lived there ever since. In 1977 he traveled to Italy, England, and Yugoslavia to continue his studies. Alexander received his degree from the University of Munich in 1981 and then began his career as an artist and a teacher.

During the early 80’s he took short trips to Vienna, Venice, and the south of Tyrol, filling many sketchbooks with renderings of well-known sites in each city. Subsequent trips to Switzerland, Venice, and Vienna inspired Befelein to experiment with the medium of watercolor, which he quickly mastered. However, he remains best known for his subtle etchings of the cities he has visited, capturing in a few delicate lines the essence of each place. He creates his distinctive and expressive art pieces performing with extraordinary attention to detail and selective coloring.

Since the beginning of his career, Befelein has regularly exhibited in numerous galleries in Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Japan, and the United States. His works are recognized throughout the world and have been received with much enthusiasm.


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