HE / SHE by Janet Hagopian, Acrylic at Art Acacia Gallery & Advisory


By: Janet Hagopian

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'HE/ SHE' by Janet Hagopian


Dimensions: 80 x 60 cm (31.5 x 23.6")

Medium: acrylic on canvas
'He/She' by Janet Hagopian is a modern painting rooted in Islamic art of calligraphy. With elements of hand-writing, this colorful artwork brings together cultures and backgrounds. Full of harmony, flow, and tranquility, the painting is a perfect choice for minimalist interior designs where the work can get maximum attention and deeper connection with a viewer. It is an original unique art piece that is in excellent condition (new). It is shipped directly from the artist's studio in the Middle East (Lebanon) along with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated by the artist. You will receive the painting ready to be placed on the wall, so an immediate impact on interior decor can be achieved.

'In my work I pay great attention to the structure of forms, shapes and colors, which creates the inhabitable space that starts to resemble story and life experience, behind the composition. The idea of using this object and shapes is to allow the viewer to detach themselves from the notion of normality and question their reason for existence. These beautiful shapes symbolize the idea of isolation when settled in this adequate position' - J. Hagopian