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Hildegard Marie Ossek-Kruppa by Alfred Krupa, Painting at Art Acacia Gallery & Advisory

Hildegard Marie Ossek-Kruppa

By: Alfred Krupa

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'Hildegard Marie Ossek-Kruppa' Ink Art by Alfred Freddy Krupa

Year: 2019

Dimensions: 60 x 73 cm (23.6 x 28.7 ")

Medium: ink wash and pen on a thin cardboard

Style: expressionism

Subject: landscape

Conditions: new

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Certificate of Authenticity: you will receive the COA (certificate of authenticity) signed and dated by the artist to prove that the artwork is original.

About the work: 'At the time she was living under surname Jarczyk in the City of Gleiwitz (Gliwice) where she was arrested on 30st February 1942 in the status of "asoziale" (asocial, and that can be any charge at all from refuse sex with the German officer to be poor, politically in opposition to be with some physical disability...we don't know what happened). On 21st of March she was transported into the Ravensbruck KC for females, that was above Berlin. Her inmate number was 9772. She stayed imprisoned over there until 1st of February 1944 when she was transported into Auschwitz - Birkenau KC and in the same morning at 8.20 she was burned alive in the furnace of the KC Crematorium (we have death certificate with false reason stated /heart failure/, but some sonderkommando or the inmates working over there told, after the war, to my grandfathers elder brother Engelbert that horrible fact). Mother of Hildegard Marie died young in 1921 at the age of 25 like her. Her grandmother Therese Kruppa died of sorrow thinking that all the grandchildren /she raised them/ was killed in the war.'


Alfred Freddy Krupa is a contemporary master of the New Ink Art Movement (Aesthetica Magazine, UK), who promotes and appropriates a powerful Eastern culture of ink drawing among Western countries.

Krupa's artistic style has been influenced by two major forces: the early years that he spent learning from his grandfather painter Alfred Krupa Sr. (1915-1989), academic study of painting at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts and postgraduate research in Japan, mastering the foundation of ink paintings, and, later, a political change in his homeland, Croatia, with a change of establishment, chaos, and social challenges. These circumstances transformed his style: from poetic subjects and picturesque landscapes into expressionism art, movements and intense use of color. Following the formal artistic tradition of the Eastern school that suggests painting in one continuous movement representing the flow of thoughts and emotions of the artist, Alfred Freddy Krupa combines it with the Western expressionism and creates his unique style and aesthetics. This new approach brought him popularity and recognition of art critics and collectors in Europe and the US.

His minimalist artworks are honest, complex, and multi-layered. 'I seek a higher expression and that is at the end of the process of multidimensional reduction to “essential forms”: a sort of neo- or re-minimalism.' - Alfred Freddy Krupa

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