Landscape 16 by Marilina Marchica, Painting at Art Acacia Gallery & Advisory

Landscape 16

By: Marilina Marchica

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'Landscape 16' by Marilina Marchica

Year: 2016

Size: 116 x 89 cm (45.7 x 35.0”)

Mixed-media (enamel, graphite) and paper collage on canvas
'Landscape 16' by Marilina Marchica - brown minimalist abstract paper collage with a distinct mixed-media texture. Landscapes, cityscapes, nature, and charm of decaying city walls remain a major focus of the artist's creative process. Shades of brown color stand out on a dominant negative space and develop a harmonious, earthy, organic feel in any interior decor.

Contemporary artwork mounted on stretchers. It is an original unique art piece that is in excellent condition; shipped directly from the artist's studio in Italy along with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated by the artist. You will receive the painting ready to be placed on the wall so you can enjoy it in your own interior right away.

Marilina Marchica is an Italian artist who sets her creative focus on urban architecture and landscapes. She is inspired by a city architecture and a nature of Sicily, where she works with fragments and individual parts of surroundings. She de-contextualizes them from the original environment and offers a new way of seeing ordinary things. In this way, she discovers new forms and different meanings. Therefore, looking at Marilina's minimalist abstract paintings, the viewer experiences unknown places and abandoned spots of his or her own memory.

Marilina Marchica is interested in different shades of reality, landscapes and cities that day after day witness events and welcome individuals. Signs of the past are constantly changing. The color tones of her works are often white and gray with occasional red accents, which bring an intimate sense of belonging to places.