Parting - Pigment ink photo print on fine art paper by Vitaliy Ledokollov. Art Acacia Online Gallery


By: Vitaliy Ledokolov

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'Parting'. From a guest exhibition 'Lenses' by Vitaliy Ledokollov
Almost no colors. The halves break.

Home is the place we leave and the place we return. It includes smells, sounds, and colors, which shape the main part of humans’ lives. People are like lenses that let in the light to extend, refracting and radiating it through the prism of their identities. This light is our emotions. Thanks to it, we fill our home with different colors. Lenses - this is a human story in which the roles of people played cans and bottles.

Unframed photo print (limited edition, numbered and signed by the artist).


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