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Sensual Snare

By: Mwamba Mulangala

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'Sensual Snare' by Mwamba Mulangala

Mwamba Mulangala is an emerging artist from Zambia, Africa. Rights and responsibilities in the struggles of society to thrive become his major focus. He explores human relationships. Fights for access to equal opportunities, conflict resolution, and political retribution are often in the middle of artist's attention. Mwamba Mulangala starts with the human form as a point of departure. Then he examines the arrangement of everyday African and universal objects and symbols. Later, further exploring their psychological, aesthetic, cultural and ritualistic aspects leads to underscoring their identities and inherent meanings.

Mixed-media: Acrylic, cloth, and paper on a cardboard box.

The artwork is shipped rolled in a tube. Framing is available (by request).


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