Zoomorphisms 3 by Yuriy Zakordonets - abstract graphic illustration of butterfly

Zoomorphisms 3

By: Yuriy Zakordonets

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'Zoomorphosis 3' by Yuriy Zakordonets

Year: 2012

Dimensions: 100 x 150cm (39.4 x 59.1")

Medium: acrylic on canvas
Zoomorphisms' by Yuriy Zakordonets, abstract artwork on a subject of transformation, change, re-birth, transition into a new state of mind and physical reality. It is a series of works that started as sketches, drawing on smaller paper pieces and then moved to bigger acrylic paintings on canvas. A concept of mutation and transformation has been an inspiring subject for many artists and writers and butterflies are the most known symbol of this process. A sophisticated and intricate pattern, design of this work makes it so delicate and so exclusive (more often this style of work is executed as a drawing, not a painting). Deep royal blue color adds a touch of mystery, alchemy, a miracle in a way which we are witnessing.

Contemporary artwork mounted on stretchers (0.9″ depth). It is an original unique art piece that is in excellent condition (new). It is shipped directly from the artist's studio in Ukraine along with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated by the artist. You will receive the painting ready to be placed on the wall so you can enjoy it in your own interior right away.