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Art Acacia Online Art Gallery and Advisory

Contemporary Wall Art from Emerging Artists

Art Acacia is an online gallery and art advisory service. We help our clients identify art pieces that fit their project requirements or personal needs, acquire artworks through the best channel and at the best price, and transport and install art.

We believe that art should never be an afterthought. Instead, it is a way to express client's personal identity or a corporate brand. It’s a story about people and their values, shown to visitors and friends, it's a statement and an everyday inspiration. Art elevates the visual significance of space, provokes conversations and engages audiences. More about Art Acacia >>


Art Acacia Contemporary Artworks and Art Advisory Services

Individual Art Buyers

We help seasoned collectors as well as art buyers who look to buy their first piece to find the artwork which will respond to their taste, aspirations, personality and financial interests.

Art Acacia Contemporary Artworks and Art Advisory Services

Interior Designers

Our team works across industries to help our interior designers and architects find site-specific artworks, which will enhance the qualities of the location and extend the personality of the owner or brand.

Art Acacia Contemporary Artworks and Art Advisory Services

Business Clients

We work with various clients (corporate offices, hospitality wellness, health facilities, etc) & help them find a site-specific art which will enhance qualities of the location & communicate company’s values.





Exposure to new galleries and artists you have never worked with before - we bring the latest contemporary art ideas, styles and concepts to you.

Working with art consultant ensures that you get professional advice on art quality & price enabling your collection to retain value over time.

We’ll take care of all operations, saving time for you. All trade discounts will be transferred to you, minimizing the costs of our services (sometimes to zero). 


How to Decorate with Sculptures

Many people struggle to incorporate sculptures into their interior design projects. Even professionals sometimes see sculptures as big, bulky objects. In this blog post, we’ll show you why you shouldn’t be intimidated by sculptures. Instead, use them wisely to add depth and character to your space.

Line Art: The Power of Simplicity

Line art encompasses all artworks that employ lines on (mostly) blank background, to depict two or three-dimensional objects. Line artists use clean, bold lines without tones or shading to convey ideas, messages, and emotions.

Understanding African Art: Key Elements and Ideas

Many people find it hard to relate to African representations of social status, beauty, spirituality, and ethics, so distinct from what we are used to seeing in the Western world. Today, we’ll try to bring traditional African art a bit closer to you, by explaining some of its key elements and ideas.


Inna at the gallery was very friendly, helpful and always kept me informed of shipping status. It was a pleasure to work with them. Thank you!

Daniel, US

The artwork exceeded my expectations! Ordering online was a smooth experience - very supportive team!

Michael, London

Painting was as presented and the team was very helpful throughout the process.

Grace, Hong Kong