Art Acacia is an online gallery and an art advisory service. We help our clients to identify an art piece responding to project requirements or personal needs, to acquire an artwork through the best channel and at the best price, and to transport and install art. We believe that art should never be an afterthought. Instead, it is a way to express client's personal identity or  a corporate brand, it’s a story about people and their values, shown to visitors and friends, its a statement and an everyday inspiration. Art elevates visual significance of a space, provokes conversations and engages audiences. 


Interior Designers and Architects - Art Acacia projects

Interior Designers

We work in collaboration with interior designers and architects and source art pieces for their residential and commercial projects. Learn more about our trade programs.

Individual Art Buyers and Art Appreciators

Individual Art Collectors

Helping individual art buyers to find and acquire artworks they love or want to invest into. We help clients to identify potential purchase, analyze market trends, explore channels and prices.

Corporate Clients and Businesses

Corporate Clients

Art Acacia advisors work with businesses from various industries (hospitality, co-working, health care etc) setting up, managing and growing corporate art collections.  


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