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People working in spaces decorated with art are 17% more productive than those in lean space


Arts education is mandatory in countries ranking among the highest for science test scores (Japan, Hungary, Netherlands)


77% respondents agree that art reduces stress and encourages them to express their opinions

Partnering with Individuals

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Partnering with Businesses

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Working with Art Advisors is Simple

Project Discussion

We like to start the process with a discussion on what is meaningful and aesthetically beautiful for you, what kind of budget is available for the project, and when you would like to have an art piece in your possession.

Choosing the Artwork

We present you pre-selected options from local and international artists a and discuss possibilities for acquisitions or commissions. We source art pieces through our strong network of galleries, dealers and, of course, artists. 

Art Acquisition

Based on our conversations, Art Acacia will take care of art purchase, transportation, insurance, framing, installation, and payment. In addition, we accept returns if the artwork placed in the environment does not meet expectations.

Our Posts

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Art has been a critical part of the human experience for thousands of years. A true study of the evolution of art throughout our history could t...

Art and the Human Brain: Crossed-Wires and Bright Lights

It is theorized that the very earliest cave paintings, etched into stone walls by ancient shamans using rough charcoal and iron-rich ochre, were meant to symbolise visions or dreams. The link between the human psyche and art is profoundly complex and little-understood, but modern technology is beginning to cast a faint ray of light on what happens when we experience art.

The Physical Place of Artwork in the Interior Design Project

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